Automotive Engineering Program in Singapore

Are you looking for a competitive automotive engineering program in Singapore that’ll help you take your career to the next level? There are various options to choose from in Singapore, but none matches the one offered at Carolina Education Consultancy PTE LTD. Our automotive engineering and technology program is one of the best programs in all of Singapore. At Carolina Education Consultancy PTE LTD, we believe that students learn well by engaging with the material in tangible ways. That’s why the majority of classroom time includes simulations, games, and experiments that bring their skills into practice. The automotive engineering and technology program at Carolina Education Consultancy PTE LTD consists of the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Building of Mousetrap Cars, Balloon Race Cars, and Roller Coasters

Lesson 2: Assemble a simplified model of motor and investigate motor oil viscosity

Lesson 3: Investigate collision forces with egg-drop experiment

Lesson 4: Learn how to perform basic automotive maintenance

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