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Explore chemistry through fun and engaging experiments

Our Programmes

Theme: Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Workshop


- Soap synthesis

- Perfume creation

- Nylon Synthesis

Learn about

- Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

- Creation of Esters

- Formation of Polymers

- Relate organic molecule structures to their functions

Theme: Molecular Structure and Mole Concept

Nature of matter

Explore how critical discoveries shaped and modified modern atomic theory. Learn how to use different atomic representations


- "Time travel" through history to simulate past experiments

- Use models to describe atomic structure

- Write the electron configuration of an element using the periodic table

Chemical bonds

Explore the properties of chemical bonds. Learn the basic properties of ionic and covalent bonds



- Compare the Lewis structure of each type of bond.

- Design and conduct their own experiment to determine the type of bonds present in 2 unknown substances. 

Theme: Acids, Bases and Salts

Acid and Bases

Explore the characteristics of acids and bases

Relate pH values to the concentration of H+ and OH-


- Conduct neutralization reactions

- Examine household substances

- Design experiments to test vinegar samples.