Design Your Own Forensic Science Workshop
Enhance your students learning experience! Choose the activities and topics you are interested in!

We have 8 different cases you can choose from

1. AYE Highway Murder
A double murder of Mrs Lee Hui Shi and her daughter , who were killed on AYE highway

 2. Jurong Lake Crisis
An algal bloom has broken out in the lake, and it is threatening to shut down local businesses and send this vacation paradise into a downward spiral.


3. Crash in the Night
A local power company's sign lies damaged and the police need your help to put together the pieces and identify the potential culprit

4. Singapore River Heist
Crooks thought they'd pulled off the perfect crime, emptying the local bank's vault and apparently floating away down the river with the looted gold bricks


5. Case of the kidnapped Cookie
In this cross-curricular caper, your students must figure out who took their warm chewy cookies.


6. Case of the Lost Skull
A mysterious animal skull has been left outside your school with money stuffed inside of it, a shoe print beside it, and other potential trace evidence in the area.


7. Case of Missing Mascot
The school mascot has been taken, and it's up to your students to solve the mystery before the big game! Was it one of the rival schools?

8. Contaminated Creek
This "whodunit" cold case has an attention-grabbing environmental slant. Students will use their skills to solve the mystery of the Berlayer Crystal Creek)


There are activities and topics across the different science subjects you can choose from to incorporate into your chosen case to customize your workshop


Activities for secondary schools


A Gel Electrophoresis Demo


*: For primary schools also

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