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Learn more about microscopic organisms through fun and engaging activities

Our Programmes

Introduction to Microbiology

Learn techniques used in biotechnology

- Grow microbes on an agar plate

- Explore the effects of spices, chemical preservation, water and PH on microbes

Pharmeceudical Science

- Antibodies Production

- Antibodies Sensitivity Test

- Differences between Natural Antibiotics and Manufactured Antibiotics

- Effects of Drugs


- Learn the uses of yeast & problems endospores cause in communities.

- Observe the energy production process of yeast

- Learn the role of bacteria

- Gram Staining (E. Coli/Micrococcus luteus)

- Grow colored bacteria

Bacterial and Yeasts

Microbiology and the environment

- Learn the function of microbes as alternative fuel

- Bacteria Pollution

- Microbial cycling of nitrogen

-  Conduct biochemical tests on soil samples

-  Test which hand soap/sanitizer is best for killing bacteria