Climate change


Greenhouse effect

Impacts of Global Warming

Carbon sinks

Climate types & weather pattern

Food sustainability​ 

Carbon Footprint

Insect-borne diseases


Experiments & Investigation

Creation of infographics

Role Play



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Image by Patrick Hendry

Climate Change

Hands-on activities to experience the impact of climate change


Bottle Rocket

Learn about basic aerodynamic principles

Image by Wesual Click

Food science

Make bread. Culture Yogurts. Produce Root beer.

Learn the importance of yeast in our everyday lives

Image by Mariana Proença

Renewable energy

Learn about alternative energy sources through activities.


Forensic Science

Play the role of a detective. Solve cases with science

Image by Siora Photography

Perfumery & Soap making

Make your own customized soap and perfume. Learn about the polymers 

Image by Diego PH

Design Thinking

Learn and apply design thinking to solve social issues with user-centric solutions


Life Science

Learn basic microbiology techniques.

Image by Evgeny Tchebotarev

Balloon Race Car

Learn the concept of forces and automotive principles to design the fastest car.