Our list of programmes is non-exhaustive. Please contact us to customize programmes.


Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering

By the end of this workshop, students will build and launch ultralight airplanes, fly and land a plane in simulation, and operate a remote-controlled drone through an obstacle course.

They will also be introduce to aeronautical engineering concepts.


Automotive Engineering & Technology

In this module, students learn to troubleshoot the engine problems in motor vehicles, assess an automobile’s motor performance, and attempt in steering both simulated and real motor vehicles. They will also create their very own prototype of an automobile.​

Sustainable Energy

Clean and Renewable Energy

In this module, students will develop their own sources of clean and renewable energy sources by creating their own biodiesel, splitting water molecules using a hydrogen fuel cell, and powering a LED bulb using lemons and potatoes.

Black Drone

Drone Programming and Engineering 

This module will provide students with the hands-on experience of flying a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), using several of the flight techniques taught. Students will also be able to use the actual video footage captured for their post-production optimization. They will also be introduce to aeronautical engineering concepts

Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Sciences

This module will introduce students to forensics while solidifying their understanding of scientific principles. 


Students will merge knowledge from biology, chemistry, and physics to conduct a detailed criminal investigation and analyse the evidences found. 

Scatered Makeup

Cosmetic Science and Perfumery

In this module, students will be able to create and test their own cosmetic products such as cold cream, skin toner, sunscreen cream and lip balm, and concoct their own fragrance.