Our list of programmes is non-exhaustive. Please contact us to customize programmes.

Our list of programmes is non-exhaustive. Please contact us to customize programmes.


Incorporating various science concepts with engineering, our hands-on modules below allow students to apply what they have learnt into their lives.

Our Programmes



Paint Stirrer Catapult 
Launch projectiles with a homemade catapult while taking the trajectory and distance into consideration


Convert potential energy to kinetic energy by building a trebuchet
Ready, set, launch! A protractor becomes a desktop launcher for investigating projectile motion.

Image by Eduardo Flores


Balloon Race Cars 
Race to the finish! Students build balloon-powered race cars and then explore how alterations impact performance.

Mousetrap Cars 
Students learn about energy, torque, and inertia with mousetrap-powered cars.

Solar Cars 
Students harness the sun's power—and think like automotive design engineers—to design solar cars.

Cartesian Divers 
Plunge into gas laws, density, pressure, and more with Cartesian divers.

robot sunset.jpg


Which structure will hold the most weight? Strength, resiliency, and function rule with this challenge.

Egg Drop 
Egg on students' understanding of energy, collision, and momentum with this challenge.

Roller Coasters 
The thrill of loops, turns, and hills gives hands-on experience in roller coaster physics.

Build It Write 
Students build, write, then see if others can follow their written directions to build a replica.

Boats & Buoyancy 
Set sail for engineering, buoyancy, and density learning as students strive to build better boats.

Sound Off 
Get loud! Explore sound waves while using common materials to amplify smartphone sound.



Crystal Growing 
The engineering and design process crystallizes as students compete to grow the biggest sugar crystal.

How to Train a Plant 
STEM meets plant development as you sow the seeds for life science concepts and experimental design.

Model modern farming with this easy-to-use hydroponics substrate design challenge.

Image by John Baker


Chemical Reaction Rockets 
Engineering and design are a blast when using chemical reactions to power rockets.

Balloon Rockets 
Move into action—and reaction. Use balloon rockets to investigate Newton's third law of motion.

Take Flight 
Students' design skills soar as they create paper airplanes with distance and flight time in mind.

Image by Ville Palmu


Keep It Hot 
Students rise to the challenge of engineering a system in which a paper cup can insulate as well as, or better than, a foam cup.

Passive Solar 
A scale model vacation home lets your learners explore solar building and design.

Surface area and heat transfer knowledge warm up when students design models that use geothermal energy.

Image by Bailey Heedick


Surface tension, hydrogen bonds, and properties of matter combine for good, clean learning with bubbles.

Crystal Growing 
Can sugar solutions and crystal-growing setups be designed to meet a challenge? Students reengineer to create the best.

Make It Bounce 
Explore polymer chemistry with a hands-on challenge to design balls that maximize bounce.

Separation of a Mixture 
Students use planning skills, logic, and trial-and-error while learning techniques for separating mixtures.



Circulatory System 
How do vessels, heart valves, and contracting chambers work? Pump up students' understanding with this increasingly complex design challenge.