Our list of programmes is non-exhaustive. Please contact us to customize programmes.


Students will get the opportunity to play the role of their chosen scientific profession 


Solar Eclipse

Young Astronomer

Students will: 

  • Make a simple refracting telescope using lenses, tibes and magnifying glasses

  • Make an astrolabe to measure the altitude of a bright star

  • Take a photograph of a bright constellation in Singapore's sky

Image by Andrej Lišakov

Young Botanist

Students will: 

  • Design a flower bed

  • Grow one plant from cuttings

  • Observe the germination of green bean seeds

Chemistry Students

Young Chemist

Students will: 

  • Make a simple fire extinguisher

  • Separate the colours in candies using paper chromatography

  • Use red cabbage to make natural indicator to test common household items 

Image by Noah Buscher

Young Ecologist

Students will: 

  • Set up a vivarium

  • Investigate the effects of an environmental condition on a plant

  • Investigate a factor that affects the growth of mould

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

Young Environmentalist

Students will: 

  • Grow radish seedlings and breed crustaceans in contaminated water

  • Assess level of water pollution

Image by Nielsen Ramon

Young Entomologist

Students will: 

  • Create a terrarium that includes either caterpillars or a beetle larva

  • Use simple materials to make an insect model

  • Research on 3 insects that are both harmful and useful to human 

Image by Joshua Melo

Young Energy Saver

Students will: 

  • Design an experiment to show that a fluorescent light bulb is energy efficient

  • Design a game to spread the message of energy conservation

  • Visit the Climate Change exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre 

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Young Food Scientist

Students will: 

  • Create mocktails and unique dishes using food additives and technology

  • Learn about culinary art with food science

  • Bake a cake and find out the ingredients that causes the cake to rise

  • Identify chemical reactions that happens during cooking 

Geography Lesson

Young Geologist

Students will: 

  • Embark on a learning journey to Little Guilin Lake to sketch the rocks there

  • Make a model showing the internal structure of Earth

  • Visit Science Centre's exhibition, Earth: Our Untamed Planet


Young Geneticist

Students will: 

  • Make a DNA model to show its structure and complementary base pairing 

  • Make a family tree of at least 2 generations to trace 1 special feature 

  • Conduct a survey to see how many classmates have interesting features

Wind Turbines on Water

Young Meteorologist

Students will: 

  • Make a wind vane

  • Make an anemometer

  • Make a rain gauge

Math Class

Young Mathematician

Students will: 

  • Make models of cube with 3 pyramids 

  • Make a 100-nail square geoboard to draw shapes using rubber bands

  • Make a 20-row Pascal triangle 

Green Hummingbird

Young Ornithologist

Students will: 

  • Make profile drawings of the legs of a duck, mynah and an egret

  • Record the names of all the different species of birds seen in a location

  • Spot the nest of a bird and take a picture to observe the activities of the bird

Hot Air Balloons

Young Physicist

Students will: 

  • Make a simple solar oven

  • Make a hot air balloon

  • Make a periscope using mirrors 

Water Drops

Young Water Ambassador

Students will: 

  • Embark on a learning journey to the NEWater Visitor Centre 

  • Check if their home is water efficient and take up the 10 litres Challenge

  • Visit the Ecogarden at Singapore Science Centre to list 3 pond creatures  

Siamese Fighting Fish

Young Zoologist

Students will: 

  • Embark on a learning journey to SEA Aquarium

  • Collect the egg of a lime butterfly and record its life cycle

  • Identify 5 vertebrates and invertebrates in the school garden