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Elective Programmes



Pick up a soft skill through our elective programmes

Learn more about entrepreneurship, businesses, finance.

Discover more about your interests through recreational activities.

Electives Programmes

Beauty Services

Students will be taught the basic theory and trained on the practical skills in simple make-up, facial, manicure and pedicure treatment.

Topics Covered:​

  • Provide basic facial treatment

  • Provide makeup

  • Provide manicure and pedicure treatment 

beauty service.jpeg

Small Business Operations

Students will identify a small business opportunity to plan,
identify customer needs, promote and operate as a start-up enterprise.

Topics Covered:​

  • Develop a Basic Promotion Package

  • Apply Basic Costing Concept for a Small Business Operation

  • Conduct a Sales Stall Setup For A Small Business Operation

small biz.jpeg

Retail Sales

Students will be trained to identify customer needs, sell products and services, receive, price, store and display merchandise as well as prepare for sales promotion events, perform cashiering and handle return and exchange of merchandise in a store outlet.

Topics Covered:​

  • Use appropriate promotion mechanisms for the merchandise displayed

  • Communicate effectively with sales promotion materials

  • Engage customers and handle customers’ queries

retail sales.jpeg

Essentials of Personal Finance

Students will be trained on basic concepts of cash flow management, the future values of cash and basic investment principles to make appropriate
choices in savings and investments to realise personal financial goals.

Topics Covered: ​

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Various types of investments & their advantages & disadvantages

  • Outline importance & techniques of debt management

personal finance.jpeg

Food & Beverage Service

Students will be trained on F&B operations, and learn to perform pre-service activities in a restaurant and serving guest.

Topics Covered:​

  • Grooming and hygiene of F&B professions

  • Perform pre-service activities 

  • Setting table for meal period


Home Business

Students will be trained how to identify a business opportunity and to set home business.

Topics Covered:​

  • Identify Business Opportunities & select an appropriate business entity 

  • Plan & Develop simple market survey

  • Registration process, Operational, sales and marketing issues 

home biz.jpeg

Grooming and Poise

Students will be trained to observe proper grooming techniques, and apply business and social etiquette in relating to people and managing customers.

Topics Covered: ​

  • Maintain good personal hygiene and proper grooming 

  • Observe the rules of etiquette in a social and business setting

  • Display proper dining etiquette

grooming & poise.jpeg
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