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Virtual Programmes


Gain knowledge on programming language to operate Micro:bits and its sensors.

Topics Covered:​

  • Features of Microbits

  • Sensors of Microbits

  • Basic and advanced elements of Microbit Programming

shutterstock_1541982713_microbit 2.jpg

Web Development

Students create their own website with no coding or design skills needed. They will learn skills and knowledge required for creating their own webpage. 

Topics Covered:

  • Web Design

  • Content Development

  • Creating different type of website for different target audience

  • Creating a Shopping cart

web design.webp

Forensic Science

Students will merge knowledge from biology, chemistry, and physics to conduct a detailed criminal investigation and analyse the evidences found. 

Topics Covered: ​

  • Play the role of a detective.

  • Solve cases with scientific knowledge.



Learn visual programming language that allows students to create their own interactive stories, games and animation. 

Topics Covered:​

  • Features of Scratch Platform

  • Game making elements

  • Interactive stories elements

  • Animation


Gaming and Application Design

This program for student will be hand-on experience as game designer/developer point of view. They will showcase their potential talent in software skill and team management skills. 

Topics Covered: ​

  • Introduction of Game and Application Development

  • Game Coding and Logic

  • Game Plan and Design

  • Game and Application Development using Software

game design.webp


Create and test their own cosmetic products such as cold cream, skin toner, sunscreen cream and lip balm, and concoct their own fragrance.

Topics Covered: ​

  • Fragrance and Flavour Synthesis

  • Formulation Science of Cosmetics

  • Colloid & Organic Chemistry

beauty service.jpeg
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