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Unleash the passion of science within students with our engaging science programme.


Marvel at interesting experiments and learn more about the science behind it!

STEM Programmes

Forensic Science

Students will merge knowledge from biology, chemistry, and physics to conduct a detailed criminal investigation and analyse the evidences found. 

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Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Take a scientific approach towards climate change and its effects, while solving real-world challenges using alternative energy sources.

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Food Science

Make bread. Culture Yogurts. Produce Root beer. Learn the importance of yeast in our everyday lives

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Toy Making

Get creative and come up with exciting ideas and innovation. Understand the scientific elements behind toy making and explore different possibilities to make your toy!

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Create and test their own cosmetic products such as cold cream, skin toner, sunscreen cream and lip balm, and concoct their own fragrance.

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Introduce students to the study of microorganisms. Marvel at the workings of these tiny creatures. 

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Modern farming is relying more on hydroponics than ever before. Learn about life cycle of plants as well as properties of hydroponics Grow. Observe. Learn.

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Bottle Rocket

Learn about aerodynamic principles and apply them to create the best bottle rocket!

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